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Welcome to the twenty-eight issue of the MLIR (bi)Weekly, a newsletter covering developments in MLIR, and related projects in the ecosystem. MLIR (bi)Weekly is brought to you by a collective effort of contributors, we welcome your contributions!




  • The Vector dialect now has vector.load and ops. These operations model contiguous vector loads and stores from/to memory and allow representing vector loads and stores that couldn’t be represented using std.load and ops. They will facilitate the progressive lowering of both Affine vector loads/stores and Vector transfer reads/writes. D96185 [mlir][Vector] Introduce ‘vector.load’ and ‘’ ops (

Table-driven Infrastructure

Shape Dialect

CPU codegen



In the Ecosystem

Flang, the LLVM Fortran Compiler

IREE : An Experimental MLIR Execution Environment

mlir-npcomp: Prototype for compiling numpy programs

TensorFlow / MLIR-HLO

TFRT: A New TensorFlow Runtime

CIRCT : Circuit IR Compilers and Tools aka ‘MLIR for hardware’

Recent Talks

Fifth LLVM Performance Workshop at CGO

Slides are online for most talks, here are the MLIR ones:

Recent Publications