[RFC][ODS] Attribute and Type Assembly Formats

This is great! I was just going to write a parse/print method for an AttrDef. Looking forward to this landing

If we can work this out, it would be very much appreciated. General +1 on using interfaces like this to enable reflective access and reduce bespoke bindings.

Any thoughts on going the other way (generic construction)?

I don’t quite get what you mean here?

Ah, sorry - I read the last part DictionnaryAttr MyAttr::toDictionnaryAttr() and missed the first part static failureOr<MyAttr> MyAttr::getFromDict(DictionnaryAttr); which addresses my question (my eyes have trouble reading past color changes). It is still in the realm of what we really need CAPI code generation for to systematize - but it is closer to being usably generic.