Open MLIR Meeting 6/8/2021: Language Server Protocol for MLIR

This Thursday (9am California Time, 16:00 UTC ), @River707 (Google) will present details about a language server and accompanying Visual Studio Code extension for MLIR. Language servers such as clangd provide powerful IDE features, such as goto-definition/find-references, to developers. This ODM will detail how we are bringing some of these features to .mlir files, how you can hook your dialect into them, and a live demo of these features in action. A sneak peek of some of the information found in this ODM can be found at: MLIR : Language Server Protocol - MLIR

As usual the information to join the meeting:
‪+1 218-301-8485‬ PIN: ‪255 745‬#

I’ll also update this thread with slides and recording after the meeting.

Thanks everyone that attended! If you are planning to install, there are still a couple things out for review that were shown in the presentation (so there might be a day or two lag before everything is upstream).

I will also note that there is no better fuzzer than running the parser/verifier while typing .mlir, so please file bugs for any server crashes that popup related to something upstream (I’ve ran into and fixed several myself).

– River

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If you missed the presentation or want to revisit some aspects, slides and recording are available! Thanks again @River707 :slight_smile: