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NodeJS bindings to CIRCT

I am working on NodeJS binding to CIRCT / RTL dialect here: https://github.com/circt/node
This is just an experimental work that will be merged into the main CIRCT or MLIR repo if needed.
I plan using NodeJS N-API https://nodejs.org/api/n-api.html for the first experiment.
I would probably also use ideas from https://mlir.llvm.org/docs/CAPI/ and https://mlir.llvm.org/docs/Bindings/Python/

The related topic here: NodeJS bindings

Cool, it would be great to get more bindings if there is a community here. How are the python and other bindings structured in the main mlir world? Any useful precedent to follow there?


This would be useful as a frontend to configure circuits, like an IP generator replacement only more powerful.