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How to install clangd latest version on ubuntu 18.04

is there any way to install latest version of clangd binary on ubuntu 18.04?
i mean installing a prebuild binary not from source files.
ubuntu bionic archive publishing clang-9 but i need version 10 or 11.
is there any ppa or prebuild binary?

http://github.com/clangd/clangd/releases/latest has the stable version.

http://github.com/clangd/clangd/releases has unstable snapshot versions.

(Is there somewhere we could have linked this that would have been more discoverable for you?)

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i apologise. i thought github.com/clangd/clangd is just a mirror or something to github.com/clang src files :frowning:
thanks alot

I have installed what I believe is the latest version but it is called “clangd-10” on my system. I have some IDE software that is looking for “clangd” and tells me that it cannot find it.

Have I done something wrong. What options do I have to satisfy the IDE looking for just clangd.